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Live Chat

Live Chat on Your Real Estate Website

The top reason why clients prefer live chat is that it lets them get their questions answered immediately. As clients and potential clients browse your website, they may have questions about your products and services. Live chat allows you to answer questions immediately – and while the potential buyer or seller is still on your website.

Real-time service can be provided through our live chat software. The chat feature on your website allows you to provide visitors with immediate information about any questions they might have about your business, services or products. In order to do this, a visitor (or client) can enter a message into the live chat session, and you will be able to reply immediately.

Monitoring real-time Live Chat

  • Watch real-time website traffic, as well as what country and region your visitors are from.
  • Find out which pages they’ve visited, how long they’ve spent on your site, and what browser and operating system they’re using.
  • Engage to chat with visitors!

Live Chat Channels

  • High-targeted automatic emails and in-app messages.
  • When you’re available, use Live Chat to collect leads or convert customers in real-time.
  • With our simple email messaging, you’ll keep customers coming back.

Live Chat bots

  • Using menu-based options, custom-tailored Chat Bots can handle common requests 24×7, automatically qualifying leads, scheduling meetings, and more.
  • Set up a Helper Chat Bot that automatically answers common visitor questions using AI.
  • A chatbot continuously learns how to interact with customers using Artificial Intelligence.

Live chat is one of the most powerful features on a website. It allows you to hold your clients or potential clients by the hand, help them overcome their objections, and help them reach a decision. This is like having a sales assistant on standby, live on your company website.

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