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Real Estate Blogging

Real Estate Blogging

There is no shortcut to real estate blogging, and your content should be both unique and engaging. Your realtor website will be penalized by search engines, such as google, if you publish duplicate content. Your content for real estate blogging must create authentic articles that targets your audience in order to attract and engage them.

Even if you can type 100 words per minute and have excellent writing skills, writing a real estate blogging post can take more than a couple of hours. Writing quality real estate content can take several days or even weeks from conception to publication. Those hours need to be spent planning your post with the most relevant points of interest and keywords to maximize your blogging efforts.

Real Estate Blog Posts Tips

  • Make your titles SEO-friendly and engaging
  • Optimize your articles for up to 3 keywords or phrases
  • Publish only unique content
  • Create an outline/draft
  • Research ideas and topics
  • Compose appropriate calls-to-action
  • Licensed images should be selected and optimized

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