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PPC – Pay Per Click Advertising


At Dreem Websites, our PPC (Pay-Per-Click) specialists will make certain your campaigns are done right, and that they successfully drive traffic to your website. You will have a higher return on your deals with more leads.


PPC, or pay-per-click, is a marketing model separate from Search Engine Optimization (SEO), in which advertisers pay a fee whenever one of their online advertisements is clicked. Using PPC marketing, you can buy visits to your website instead of getting them organically. Using the wrong marketing methods could result in a waste of considerable resources without bringing in phone calls or visitors to your website. PPC marketing, when done correctly, gets you new clients as well as showcases and sells your products and services.

PPC Process

Developing successful real estate PPC campaigns may appear simple, but a great deal goes into it. A Real Estate PPC campaign involves researching and picking the right keywords, categorizing and organizing these keywords into ad groups, and setting up landing pages that are perfectly optimized to convert visitors into consumers. A great real estate PPC campaign will optimize your keywords for low per click costs and will target the correct consumer. If the campaigns are set up incorrectly, you could be wasting a lot of money on pay per click campaigns and not reaching your target audience.

PPC Made Easy for Realtors

If all of this seems a little bit overwhelming, don’t worry. Real Estate Web design, SEO, and PPC are our specialties for realtors and real estate agents. Realtor Solutions Online will take care of all your Pay-Per-Click needs from keyword research to full implementation with daily adjustments and management

PPC for real estate agents and brokers

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