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IDX Websites

Explore with IDX Websites

IDX Websites keeps your visitors coming back with a friendly IDX real estate property search experience, only available with the Best IDX websites for realtors.

  • You have the ability to draw on maps.
  • Include several maps on your site to focus on IDX Real Estate.
  • WIth the best IDX websites for realtors, use location and other criteria to control which listings appear in search results.
  • Visitor exploration is encouraged.
  • User-friendly and educational for those who don’t know IDX real estate.
IDX Websites

IDX Websites with Results

Put an end to cumbersome search forms. Users are automatically suggested listings and locations by intelligent auto-fill as they type.

  • The IDX real estate location criteria you enter, such as subdivision, golf course, postal code, and MLS ID, is supported along with the city, postal code, and MLS district, etc.
  • Provide users with suggestions for locations as they type.
  • Map search is always available with IDX Real Estate Websites.
  • The Universal Search Bar widget is available as a separate widget that can be placed anywhere on your IDX real estate website.
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Engage Visitors with IDX Real Estate

The property detail page invites visitors to explore further, so you can convert more visitors into registered leads with the best IDX websites for Realtors.

  • Instead of linking to external sites, YouTube, Vimeo, and Matterport virtual tours are embedded in the page.
  • Based on your visitors search behavior, smart algorithms display Similar IDX Real Estate Listing suggestions with every listing.
  • Using social media to share listings on your site creates valuable backlinks.
  • The options for scheduling a showing and requesting information are always available no matter what device you use with the best IDX websites for realtors.
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